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Welcome to DIKU MUD

Welcome to the official DIKU MUD homepage. The page is sponsored by the original creators of DikuMud.


Big news: As of May 2003 we have gotten ourselves a great .NET CMS, so now we can easilly update our pages. Lookout for a substantially improved and updated content in the very near future.


We did once plan to write the history behind DikuMud, make links to available literature, links to FAQs and MUD Connectors, FTP directories for the ALPHA and GAMMA DikuMuds, and possibly the Circle, ROM and Merc muds as well. The goal was to provide as much information about DikuMud as possible, however we seem to be busy with real life issues.


If perchance you have any information you would like added to these pages, such as historical tidbits, old areas, whatever, please send them to me with a short explanation of why you are sending it and why it should go onto the pages.


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